To My Sisters,

You are valued. Each of you have a separate, unique place in my heart. Each of you inspire me to be better. Each of you light up a part of the world that you may not always see.

You are beautiful. Be confident in that, own that. Realize how stunning you are on the outside, and continue to bring that beauty within. It’s hard to see these things when you look in the mirror, but I’m telling you now. Honest to God, each of you are beautiful.

You are talented. Use that talent, don’t let it go to waste. Be more than you are today. Work hard. Find excitement in leaving your comfort zone, and never let anyone tell you that you “can’t”.

You are loved.

Each one of you. More than you may ever realize, to the moon and back.

Never, ever underestimate yourselves. I cannot wait to see what each of you accomplish.

Yours Forever,

Your Sister

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