Robots in training

Robots in training

It’s a strange and scary feeling when you realize that without your iPhone… you are completely alone.

I have always been infatuated with technology – especially computers and cell phones. I remember when my dad would call my mom from a pay phone when he was on the road, I also remember him getting a ‘car phone’ for work…which was literally a phone installed in his car! I unknowingly witnessed Apple change the world with the creation of the iPhone, and now I cannot even imagine how people functioned without the ability to constantly communicate with others.

As I’ve grown older computers have grown smaller, more complex, and more powerful. So powerful in fact, that I cannot even go a day (let alone a few hours) without interacting with some form of computerized technology. Whether I’m at work with my eyes glued to my monitor, or lying in bed scrolling through Pinterest, I am always plugged in.

Much like many of my twenty-something peers, my iPhone is an integral part of my life. It keeps me connected to my friends, my family, and the beautiful strangers I love to lurk on social media. I have answers, maps, photography, directions, and entertainment in my purse at all times…and I feel really weird when I don’t have it for any reason.

Art by: Banksy

My generation, and even more so the next, is not only reliant on technology but also dependent.

I was inspired to write about this today because my eyes feel like they are going to melt out of my face from staring at screens all week…and it’s only Wednesday. I love the power that is encapsulated in such a tiny device, but I also feel as though I no longer hold the power.

I try my very best not to obsess over social media, but I am telling you right now IT. IS. HARD. I even resorted to deleting my Snapchat recently because when I think about it too much I feel like an idiot for wasting my time sending endless selfies to my friends who really don’t give a shit.

But, even in the few days without this one App I feel as though I am missing out on the interactions that come with those ridiculous selfies. My friend’s “snapchat stories” are how I keep track of where they are, who they’re with, and honestly how they’re doing. Socialization has shifted so dramatically that I watch my youngest sister have full blown “snap conversations” with her friends, and even though her phone is glued to her hand she rarely answers the phone to speak with actual words.

Art by: Banksy

The only real point I want to make within this post is that technology is amazing, but so are genuine, face to face conversations with the people we love. My boyfriend and I communicate daily via text because we live in different states, sometimes even different countries. Face Time is honestly something that has strengthened our relationship, and probably made our long-term long-distance possible…but it doesn’t hold a candle to the real thing.

So enjoy all of the amazing, trashy, hilarious pictures, memes, and videos on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, and all of the other technological indulgences you choose…but find time to ditch the robots for a few hours, and spend some real time with the humans you love.




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