Noun. 2. the act or power of anticipating that which will or may come to be.


Does having vision as a woman mean you’re driven and goal oriented, or could it be that having vision limits your ability to fully explore your potential?

As a twenty-something who is overwhelmingly unsure of her place and purpose, having “vision” for the future has proved detrimental. Anticipating what will come to be turns in forcing pieces of a puzzle together, and making choices based on a perceived end result.

I have had “vision” my entire life — I saw myself winning championships, getting an athletic scholarship to division one program, and playing professionally. I made all of those things happen. I worked incredibly hard, and sacrificed many things, and forced all of my puzzle pieces together to create that picture.

While many see this as success, I can’t help but wonder what other pictures I could have created for myself. What other opportunities, people, places, and talents I could have discovered. I cannot help but wonder how different my life would be if I would have understood then that having vision doesn’t have to be so incredibly narrow.

I am not complaining, nor wishing to change my past. I am incredibly thankful for the endless opportunities that soccer has provided, and I truly value the lessons learned from life as a competitive athlete. I simply hope to be able expand my vision going forward, and not limit myself to predetermined expectations.

I am working hard not to anticipate my future. I do not want my life to be guided by end goals that I set for myself based on expectations created, and perpetuated, by society. I do not want to be driven by what I think will come of my actions, choices, and experiences. Instead, I want to slow down and actually see what’s surrounds me in this moment, and not live such a limited life.

I fully intend on remaining driven, hard working, and goal-oriented. It’s simply time to take the blinders off and get out of my own way.

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